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TH2G is a revolutionary

Wide-ranged multi modal asset tracking and monitoring system that enables comprehensive reporting of asset and contents position, status, environment conditions prevailing therein and alerts. TH2G platform detects changes in physical qualities of contents or cargo within the Container - Volume and Weight measurement. The intrinsic safety of the cargo enables the Shipping Container to be used as an instrument of trade overland as it is in ships.

TH2G solutions transform the physical world into digital insights that are used to create new value across the supply chain. By arming traders with real-time information about their inventory, machinery, and purchased materials, TH2G solution creates visibility across the supply chain and fuel analytics that can be used to understand and anticipate demand, optimize sourcing, and drive high-value manufacturing decisions.

The proper handling and use of information on transactions and exchanges related to cargoes is key to the logistics and trading. Therefore, our main objective with this solution is to provide transparency and security throughout the transport cycle.

The time for companies to assess their supply chains for piloting smart sensors is now. Connecting devices with smart sensors can provide traders insights into all phases of the supply chain and therefore drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and introduce new revenue opportunities

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World intellectual property organization international bureau WIPO | PCT 28.09.2017 WO 2017/163 209 A1 617kb PDF Detail
World intellectual property organization international bureau WIPO | PCT 28.09.2017 WO 2017/163 105 A1 943kb PDF Detail
African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) 30.09.2017 AP 4318 273kb PDF Detail
Patent Certificate of Registration Nigeria 23.03.2017 NG/PT/C/2018/3088 1.2mb PDF Detail



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